Whether you’ve just moved into a new place with a deck or you’ve housed a verandah for years, it’s important to know how to keep it all looking sharp. If you’ve looked into maintenance before, you have probably come across countless articles about decking oil as a way to refresh wood effectively. However, there are some key factors that contribute to using this kind of product.

So what is decking oil and what’s the right way to use it? Take a look below to find out.

What is decking oil?

So, before we get into the ‘how tos’, it’s important to understand what this product does. Unlike a wooden stain – which is used to change the colour and appearance of timber – oil is designed to penetrate the surface area of your deck, protecting it from within.

Oils can come in both clear and colour mixes, so you can keep your timber the exact same shade or mix it up. Ultimately,using this formula allows you to protect the boards against water and dirt, while also providing a tidy finish.

How to oil your deck

    • Make sure you check the weather forecast

Before you even start preparing your area to be oiled, it’s important to check that the forecast is clear and dry. Dry conditions are essential to make sure the fluid penetrates the deck evenly, allowing for a clean finish.

    • Clean the deck

The next step is to make sure your surface area is clean, ensuring all dust and dirt is removed from the wood. Use sugar soap, warm water and a stiff bristle brush to cleanse the area and rinse it all off with a hose. If there is mould on the deck, this will also need to be removed before you go any further.

    • Choose your oil

When it comes to choosing the correct oil for your needs, you will see that there are plenty of options to choose from. It’s important to choose a formula that will highlight the natural colour and texture of the timber; whether that is a colour or a clear oil is completely up to you. Keep an eye out for quality products that have UV protection and water-resistance built in.

    • Get started

Once the area is dry and clean, you can start to oil your timber decking. Make sure you stir the fluid thoroughly before you apply it and that you check the tin for drying times and time to wait between coats.

For a smooth finish, use a pad or brush as far along a single board as you can while making sure you don’t touch the other boards. Follow this method one row at a time and make sure you take your time – this will ensure that you have an even finish. Following the wait time on the tin, repeat the same method for your next coat and leave to dry.