It’s no secret that Australia is home to some of the harshest weather in the world. Whether we’re facing huge storms, damaging hail or heat – we’re always braving Mother Nature’s finest events.

As not all houses have a garage, sometimes a carport is the only option for keeping your car protected during these circumstances. So, how can a structure like this back your vehicle from that good, old Aussie weather? Take a look below to find out.

Carports keep your car protected from hailstorms

One of the biggest concerns for a car owner is that your precious vehicle will get caught out in a hailstorm. Large stones can cause a lot of damage, occasionally even writing off cars or at least causing significant dents.

As many car insurance policies do not cover hail damage, it’s useful to have a protected space to keep your vehicle if you do happen to face one of these scary events. Investing in a carport also means you can keep your asset safe from the damaging stones, allowing the sturdier roof of the structure to take the brunt of the hit instead.

Keep your vehicle looking fresh

Most days in Australia are beautiful and sunny, and although this can be enjoyable, it can cause damage to your car over time. UV rays can wear the painted exterior, causing oxidation and fading.

Your interior can also get damaged by fading or even blistering and peeling if you have leather features. High temperatures are also able to prematurely age your car, which is not ideal when you have invested in a vehicle that you use regularly. If you keep yours parked under a carport, you’re more likely to avoid these hassles.

Keep your paint job protected

One of the main issues with parking your car outside is the inevitable hit of bird and bat droppings, especially if your street is lined with trees and other shrubs. These droppings can significantly damage your paint – just like heat – especially if they are left there over time. Garages and carports allow you to escape these unwanted ‘visitors’.

Hide away from harsh winds

Strong winds can cause a lot of damage. Whether they rattle your car or cause branches or trees to fall, it’s dangerous to have your vehicle parked outside facing the elements.

When using a carport, the roof is designed to be able to face these damages with a sturdy structure in tow. Your car is not designed to face these elements, so let your cover do it for you. An investment like this can pay off in the long run, and  you’ll find you thank yourself down the track.

Bonus tip: Adding cover or shade like this for your car also adds value to your overall property – a win-win when you’re looking to sell.