What’s the point of a pergola?

Allowing you to extend your living space, pergolas are a popular choice for Australians across the country. Providing natural light and the perfect balance of shade, they’re ideal for protection from the elements, as well as visually pleasing aesthetics to your existing property. For those looking to renovate their home, this solution also delivers on stylish, functional appeal.

Additionally, adding a pergola to your property can significantly increase the overall market value. With the option of incorporating custom woodwork features or installations into this, homeowners can enjoy a convenient way to improve the sellability of their home.


How much shade does a verandah or pergola provide?

Ultimately, the size of your beams and spacing between them will determine how much shade is achieved as a final result. During the initial design and briefing stage, we’ll assess your requirements and allocated space to ensure the best outcome is met.

The amount of shade also depends on the roofing solution used, other structural aspects and whether it’s freestanding or attached to the home.


What’s the difference between a verandah and pergola?

A verandah is permanently attached to the home, whether at the front of back. In comparison, a pergola is typically freestanding (but can also connect to the property). Deciding which option is best for you requires an assessment of your space, budget and vision. For example, you may be looking to create a sheltered area away from the main property, further into the yard (pergola), rather than directly outside the door (verandah).


Does adding a carport increase your property’s value?

Carports significantly increase the value of property value, especially if there’s no accessible on-street parking. In busy, suburban or inner-city areas, this is especially the case, and buyers often look for this requirement first when sifting through their real estate options.


Do you need a council permit to build a carport?

All states differ in terms of regulations and carports. For example, in Victoria, you are required to obtain a building permit for the construction of a garage or carport, if:

  • It is more than 2.4m in height,
  • Bigger than 10m2 in area
  • Near a boundary (1m)
  • It is attached to an existing structure or building.

The team at Addon Pergolas will manage this part of the process from end to end, ensuring you have all necessary documentation to move forward with the construction.


Which wood is best for deckings?

This often depends on the location of your property, local weather conditions and your overall vision. From timber pine to jarrah, spotted gum, Merbau and more – there are plenty of options now available on the market. Our team can help you choose the best choice for your timber decking, as well as provide reliable advice around their many unique benefits.


If you have any questions that haven’t been answered in the list above, we are always more than happy to provide you with reliable advice. Get in touch by contacting us through our online contact form or on 0410 541 253.