Lazy afternoon swims followed by a barbecue, late morning coffees and spur-of-the-moment drinks with friends.

With Australia’s long summers and love of outdoor entertainment, you spend a lot of time outside on your deck. For many homeowners, this space extends from the kitchen, living room, or both.

With the right design elements, a deck can be a stunning outdoor room. But many people struggle with how to organise this external space effectively.

Addon Pergolas has years of experience helping people build their dream decks. When it comes to maintaining an appealing, clutter-free space where you can host guests at a moment’s notice, there are a few simple solutions to keep in mind. So let’s jump in…


Decks are easy to organise and it helps to sort yourself out first. Design experts recommend that for smaller areas like decks, you can make the most of available space by dividing it into zones depending on the intended use.

With your deck, one zone could be the entertainment area with table and chairs. A second zone could be “relaxation central” with a recliner and drinks trolley.

Zone 3 could be used primarily for storage systems, including cabinets and benches. Use these to keep cups and plates close by; or if a local climate prone to the occasional rain shower means you need space to stash items like candles quickly.

Multi-function items are also an excellent idea for this zone. Ottomans that provide dual seating and storage can be used to stow cushions, tablecloths and blankets.

For gardeners, look for options like the IKEA ÄPPLARÖ bench. This clever alternative incorporates hooks and shelving, allowing you to showcase plants as well as store tools – and can even be used as a seat if needed.


Depending on your budget, there are few limits to smart storage solutions.

For example, we offer custom woodworking options, which means you can have built-in storage created to suit your deck. In some houses, under-deck storage is also an option.

But storage doesn’t have to break the bank, either. IKEA is often at the forefront of ingenious ideas that you can take advantage of. Other local retailers and chains also offer plenty of affordable and stylish selections for any budget. These include furniture as well as stackable boxes and containers that come in designer colours and styles.

If you’re crafty, surfing the web will give you endless ideas for storage hacks. Why not turn a bookshelf into an outdoor bench?


Bearing in mind all outdoor furniture and accessories need to withstand the elements; the deck can be a versatile showroom for beautiful exterior décor. Many outdoor ranges are stylish enough to feature inside your house. Build on a base of soothing neutrals to create a relaxed, inviting space.

Add a splash of colourful flair with statement armchairs, and cushions in different colours and textures.

Accessories like rugs, lanterns, and pots and planters will enhance the ambience of your outdoor retreat. Or you can toss in an unexpected fun factor with a basket of outdoor games like quoits and boules.

Whatever your vision, Addon Pergolas specialise in top-quality decks and can advise you on clever storage and décor solutions. Contact us on 0410 541 253 or fill out a quote form, for a designer deck handled smoothly from start to finish.