Real estate agents and property investors are experts on which home renovations not only create inspirational daily living spaces but sell houses in the future. So it makes sense to pocket a few tips from them where you can.

For example, property specialists consider a pergola to be one of the best renovations you can invest in. The beautiful Australian climate and our passion for outdoor entertaining mean that a pergola has potential to provide between 50-80% return on investment. But it’s essential to choose a professional team to install it.

So, as we head into summer, now’s the perfect time to look at pergola design ideas that are trending right now. We’ve got your inspiration down pat.


A pergola should complement both your house and garden, creating an integrated look. In the end, this layout should also add value to your home and throughout your lifestyle.

However, while you’ll be looking for a pergola that stays on-trend, your choice of pergola still needs to flow seamlessly between interior and exterior settings.  Here are some of the favourites we see rising up the ranks at the moment.


A traditional pergola is a stylish option – with a twist. A classic design is typically crafted from timber and features supporting poles and slatted roofing. With many homeowners committing to using materials responsibly, pergolas are increasingly being made with the inventive use of recycled timbers.

You can source different timber types or repurpose old wood. Timber can be stained, painted, or distressed. The pergola can then be staged in imaginative ways, according to your individual style.

White-painted timber will create a Hamptons or beachy effect, with fairy lights and paper lanterns all sprinkling magic on your garden at night.


Nothing says summer like a resort-type pergola, particularly next to a pool. These are constructed with thatched roofs and natural textures, which are durable and cast an instant tropical spell.

Pile up cushions on a daybed, bring on the cocktails and get ready to chill.


You may not associate the words “industrial” and “pergola” together, but with modern home design, they are an emerging trend.

Steel-framed designs create sharp lines that complement beautiful, contemporary houses and gardens with urban landscaping.


When planning your decking, you need to consider:

  • Materials: Your budget may determine which materials you settle on. Timber, aluminium and powder-coated metal are all popular options.
  • Design: as well as traditional and thatched pergolas, other options include contemporary-looking skew and cantilever designs.
  • Shade and privacy: these are important factors. A sunshade or roof will enclose your outdoor setting for private, tranquil entertaining in all seasons.

Keen gardeners might prefer a pergola where they can train climbing plants – like wisteria – to create a stunning natural canopy. If you decide on a roof, there are plenty of options to jazz this up too – including louvred, transparent, curved or even motorised.


For a simple structure, there are lots of decisions to make. Under Victorian legislation, you may also need a permit for a pergola to be constructed – particularly for more elaborate builds.

You may be tempted to go for the DIY route, too. When you add in labour and the hassle of sourcing materials, permits and so on, it is more cost-effective to use a professional builder for a high-quality result. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the stress of the entire process.

The risk with cutting corners is potentially ending up with a poorly finished product that detracts from your home value, not adds to it.

To save you headaches, time and money, Addon Pergolas provides a friendly, end-to-end service based on years of design and construction expertise. Contact us on 0410 541 253 or fill out a quote form to get started.