Whether you’ve just bought a new house with a decking area or you’ve been maintaining your verandah for years, it is crucial to know how to keep it all in good nick. Although cleaning and oiling these areas are popular ways of ensuring your space continues to look fresh, did you know other options allow you to extend the life of your deck overall?

Top ways to keep your deck fresh

Keep it clean!

Although you may occasionally clean your deck to maintain its visual appeal, did you know this can also extend its lifespan? During the warmer months, wash and seal the wood to keep it protected from the extra heat. Before you start cleaning, get rid of any dirt or debris. Choose the right cleaning products and if you decide to pressure wash it, make sure you’re careful when you do so. If you spray too close to the boards, you can damage the timber – so make sure you keep your distance.

Fight back the UV rays

It’s no secret that the Australian sun is harsh, with UV rays causing the wood on your deck to fade and weaken over time. By using stains or finishes that contain UV blockers or light absorbers, you can keep your verandah protected from the harsh rays, especially during the hotter months. If your timber is already looking a bit faded, try using a deck-renewing or cleaning product to bring some colour back to your space.

Keep an eye out for small problems

If you get into a routine of regularly cleaning your space, use the time to check for potential small problems, such as cracking and splintering. These minor issues won’t just go away; they will only get bigger or worse.

Some small problems may need an additional fastener or two, which is a much cheaper solution than needing to replace boards if you leave it for too long. If you see nails that have popped out of the wood, replace them with nails or screws instead of only hammering them back in.

Inspect your deck to make sure it is safe

Although regular checks of your timber are essential, try and plan to do a big, comprehensive inspection during the hotter months so if any necessary repairs need to be done, they can be completed when it is dry and hot. When inspecting your area, look for any signs of rot, check all of your joints, posts and beams and inspect the hardware underneath the structure. Also keep an eye out for any weather damage, including damage to the railing to make sure it has not become loose.

Seal the joists and beams

Wood rot and decay is a harsh reality when it comes to ownership, so you want to put the stops in place to make sure this doesn’t happen. By sealing your joists and beams with flashing tape, you can create a barrier between the wood and metal to stop moisture from getting in and staying trapped. This simple waterproofing technique will keep your verandah safe and in top condition, especially if you live in a wet weather-prone area.