Building a deck is an exciting, albeit stressful task, especially if it’s your first attempt. However, with the proper advice on how to plan your deck build, your project will run smoothly. You will ultimately reap the benefits of a beautiful, relaxing new outdoor space of enjoyment.

Before a DIY deck design, ensure you answer the following questions to make sure you are ready for the challenges ahead.

DIY or Enlist the Experts?

You first have to decide whether you’re going to hire professionals to help plan and build the deck or if you’re going to take on the job yourself. The general wisdom on decks is that they provide a rather difficult challenge for even the handiest of homeowners, so if you find the idea slightly daunting, you might want to leave the task to the experts.

What Kind of Deck Suits Your Home?

Once you’ve decided on whether to enlist contractors or build yourself, you then need to determine what kind of deck suits you best. Can you simply build a deck on your current ground, with only one step? This decking won’t require protective railings or stairs.

Or, are you wanting to build something more elaborate like a raised deck with stirs, or even a two-story structure with entrances on multiple floors? You have to decide what kind of deck you want to build before proceeding.

Regardless of whether you or someone else will be undertaking the actual building, you can build a detailed deck plan by using many widely available digital deck planning tools. For example, plenty of home improvement companies provide free deck design software. This will allow you to design a virtual deck before doing any actual handy work.

Deck calculators can also be helpful resource as you commence the build’s planning. These helpful tools allow you to determine how much of any particular material you’ll require for your deck based on its actual size. It will also decide the approximate cost of the individual materials and the full scale of the project.

Planning your deck can seem overwhelming, but you can answer a few necessary questions up front by making use of awesome digital software. You can also ensure that your deck will be ready in time to be enjoyed in the warmer months, as well as make sure it’s built to your exact specifications.

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