Australia is home to some pretty extreme weather. Whether the scorching sun is beaming down on us or we are hit with a downpour of hailstones or lashing winds, our cars sure can cop it if they are not protected. For many Australian homes, a carport installation may be the answer to keeping your vehicle safe from extreme weather, but are these structures a permanent solution? In short, the answer is yes. Take a look below to find out why.

They are versatile

Carports are incredibly versatile structures to install and are effectively able to keep your vehicle safe.

As they can be placed just about anywhere on your property, you can have one built precisely where you want it to be positioned. Perhaps you have a specific spot in mind to keep your car tucked away, or maybe you want it attached to the side of your home. The only thing that may pose a challenge is whether the land is flat enough. If it’s not, some levelling will do the trick.

By installing a free-standing carport, you can also move it if you change your mind in the future. The versatility of this kind of design can often make people think that it is not a permanent solution. However, this is not the case. Ultimately you can keep it for as long as required, so long as you give appropriate maintenance regularly.

They can protect your vehicle from the elements

Although carports are often seen as less effective than a garage and potentially a temporary solution, that does not mean that they will not keep your vehicle protected for the long run. These designs are durable structures that can act as a permanent solution for your needs at home.

Unlike the roof of your vehicle, carport roofs are built to withstand harsh weather, meaning they will keep your vehicle free of damage while also retaining its tough exterior. The structuring of them also means they are just as sturdy and reliable as a fully built garage, so you do not need to worry about them not coping with these environmental factors.

They are cost-efficient

If you have ever looked into building a garage for your home, you will know that they can get quite expensive quickly. From the materials needed right through to hiring people to make the structure, the costs can add up – unless you find an expert (like us).

Carports can be a fantastic solution as an alternative. They effectively need fewer materials than a garage would and more flexibility. Depending on your needs, however, they may not always be the most suitable option. We always recommend getting in touch with our team to understand better which of these designs is more suited to your application.