For home and garden enthusiasts, the pergola is one of the quintessential ways to add style and sophistication to a property. Providing a stylish shade in summer and an elegant cover in winter, the pergola is an accentuation that provides a home with true character.

Better still is the value a pergola can add to your home. If you ever plan on selling and are looking for the perfect way to create an element of grandeur to your property, one that will increase its value dramatically, the pergola is the way to go.

Enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor area by adding a pergola. Whether your pergola is a stand alone structure or an extension of an existing veranda, this addition will bring plenty of enjoyment as well as increase its value come selling time.

Find out why below.

Buyers Want Outdoor Enjoyment

Australians love nothing more than spending time outdoors. Whether enjoying a BBQ in summer or taking in some crisp winter air, Australia’s climate allows for year-round outdoor enjoyment. Potential buyers are always looking for the most inviting outdoor with a vision to entertain family and friends.

They Provide Cover

One of the main functions of a pergola is to train plants and vines, thus creating a year-round shelter from the elements. In summer, the thriving plants with their luscious leaves will provide shade from the harsh sun. Come winter they will shed their leaves, allowing the sun through yet still providing a blockade from the elements.

They Are Perfect for Fruiting

A number of fruit yielding vines can easily be trained up pergola posts. Kiwi and passionfruit plants are some other alternatives. Garden enthusiasts love nothing more than the ability to train fruiting plants, and will greatly appreciate the opportunity to do so with your pergola.

Increase Value through Extension

By extending the square metre area of your property from the main roof, you will be immediately increasing the property’s value. A valuer will factor in the overall area of the main dwelling, and will do so with your pergola. Even if a paved pergola is separate to your main building, it will still increase its value.

Aesthetic Appeal Increases Value

When your backyard is attractive, viewers will come through and picture themselves enjoying it. After all, the most important selling point of a property is how attractive it looks at first glance. Many homeowners allow an outdoor area to run its course, thus diminishing the overall value of the property. But through adding finer touches, such as that of a pergola, you will show that you have cared for your garden and kept it appealing.

Roofing Protects from the Elements

House functionality adds to its value. If viewers find they can enjoy plenty of time outdoors at their potential home, they will be more inclined to pay a higher price. A roofed pergola will have that exact effect.