Everyone loves a classic summer barbecue. The perfect Aussie summer is full of get togethers in the garden enjoying great food and even better times. But what if your backyard doesn’t make the grade? Perhaps this means your garden requires a makeover or even a little T.L.C. By installing a few features you can take your backyard from old and withered to fresh and inviting, adding great value to your property in the process and making the garden a place people actually want to be in.

Here are three renovations to take your backyard to new heights of entertaining.

Pergola Pleasure

Regardless of whether it is attached to your house or away from the home, pergolas can provide the perfect outdoor space, one that your home needs to be taken to the next level. It will create a mor liveable area, and is also a statement piece that will stand out to friends and family.

Covered pergolas are especially important during hot Aussie summers, providing protection from the heat of the sun as well as a cooler space to relax. Cover the pergola with a range of climbing plants creates a charming place to avoid the heat of the sun.

Building a Deck

There is something so wonderful about a well-decorated, well-maintained decking that is simply calling for your friends and family to come out and enjoy. You don’t even have to have an elevated home to have a deck in your garden. Decks can be adjoining the home, or even in a separate space in the backyard.

The deck will provide extra living space, and can also be adorned with roofing to ensure the elements won’t stop you and your loved-ones from having a good time together. When you install a dining table and comfortable seating, you might find yourself spending more time outside in the summer months, soaking up that glorious Aussie sunshine. Remember to use sunscreen, of course.

The Outdoor Kitchen

If your decking has an outdoor dining table just waiting to play host to summer feasts, there is no better way of preparing these meals than with an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can add tremendous value to your home, this is because you are practically adding a new kitchen to your home to go along with the pre-existing one.

An outdoor kitchen provides you the option of cooking dinner whilst still being able to entertain and enjoy the outdoors, whilst keeping a watchful eye over any young family members. These kitchens can be as basic or extravagant as you want, and can be built to fit all budgets.

A standard kitchen would comprise of a barbecue, a bit of cupboard space and maybe a sink. If you really want to step it up a notch, consider a pizza oven, stovetop, mini bar and refrigeration.

Making use of all the space you have in your home adds great value as well as being the perfect way to get loved ones together for those truly special times.