Pergolas are the perfect addition to backyards. The structure provides a shaded area from the harsh sun in the summer months and gives you a calm place to relax. Pergolas are versatile but they will also optimise your garden’s appeal and add character to your outdoor area.

One way to truly accentuate your pergola is through a series of plants adding charm to the structure. Homeowners love the beauty that plants provide a pergola when placed around the area or growing over it. Styling your pergola with lush plants can also give added privacy to homeowners when blossoms and leaves cover the area.

Addon Pergolas has a few lovely options for providing your structure with a floral touch. They will enhance the aesthetic as well as a unique, personalised touch to the outdoor area.


Some of the most common pergola plants are vines as they emphasise the shape of the pergola and grow quickly. The beautiful flowers optimise the aesthetic of the garden as well as offering shade through the vine tendrils. Unfortunately, vines do have their downfalls, as the plant requires maintenance such as regular watering and pruning, as well as creating a lot of debris throughout the year. But with a bit of regular maintenance, vines aren’t so much an issue, just a lush additive to your structure.

Colourful Blossoms

A charming collection of potted plants can make your pergola look truly inviting. Whether you use one pot to group them all together or place a selection of pots around the space, colourful pot plants add real character to the structure. Think choices like azaleas, begonias, camellias and impatiens.

Hanging Plants

If you aren’t really in to taking up space on the pergola with potted plants, consider dressing up the space with some hanging plants. Position the pots at eye level and allow them to hang from the pergola’s rafters. Colourful flowers include geraniums, petunias, fuchsias and impatiens.


Sun-loving plants don’t enjoy shade places. But ferns often thrive in darker spots and moist conditions. This makes them perfect for pergolas. The vibrant, fresh green that ferns provide are a pleasure for many a user, and as they grow taller they will provide a beautiful, organic sun shade.

Dwarf Fruit Trees

There aren’t many more enticing things than an orchard of gorgeous potted fruit trees. When they are in blossom, fruiting delicious produce, they are a sheer joy to behold. With fruit trees, you will not only be adding a touch of colour to your pergola, but will also be yielding delicious seasonal fruits. It’s a practical win-win.

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