If you’re looking to install a new decking into your property – be it for adding value or for entertainment purposes – the costs can differ. Ultimately, this depends on whether you do it yourself, have a professional create it for you (recommended) or opt for certain materials over others.

So here’s everything you need to know about the costs of installing a deck in 2020.

Is a deck worth the investment?

Overall, yes. But these structures are worth the investment even far beyond just adding aesthetic appeal to your home. They’re functional, can protect your pets and family, and can even help you resell your property when you hit the market again.

They’re also a quality-of-life feature, and for Australians, they’re a must-have.

For all the options now available on the market, there are still some trends that see their rise over others, when it comes to choosing materials. Of course, these play a big role in how the end-cost turns out, so it’s important to think about the supplies you intend on using, in advance.

For example, you’re likely to encounter costs for each wood type similar to the below guidelines:

  • Jarrah from $75.00m2 (85mm wide)
  • Merbau from $60.00m2 (140mm wide)
  • Silver Top from $69.00m2 (90mm wide)
  • Spotted Gum from $105.00m2 (86mm wide)
  • Ironbark from $5.40 per lineal metre (90mm wide).

Installation fees

This is where you need to do your research in advance. Some providers and tradesmen will charge a significant premium for installation. Designed to be affordable, our solutions are aimed at combatting this, providing a competitive price model for those looking to have a deck installed professionally.

Without doing your research, the costs can quickly climb. There are a lot of factors that go into quoting up a job like this, including the price of the material,s and the labour itself (and an additional service fee, at times).

However, any fee you’re charged should include:

  • Digging any stump holes
  • Installing concrete stumps
  • Dealing with the subfloor – including all joists and bearers
  • Creating the decking itself.

Sealing expenses

Sometimes sealing can create an additional cost, especially if you’re doing this yourself. We recommend setting aside funds around the following:

  • Small surfaces: between $350 and $450
  • Medium-sized surfaces: between $700 and $1000
  • Large surfaces: between $1300 and $2500.

The price here will also depend on how many coats you aim to apply (or that the expert opts for). A good company will know exactly how much is needed and won’t cause any wastage.

When in doubt, always ask as many questions as possible. We’re happy to answer as many as you have in mind, so give us a call to find out more.