With every summertime, having lazy family brunches or late afternoon barbecues in the backyard with family and friends is what we all look for. When the outdoor entertaining area is the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal, you end up enjoying the time spent all the more.

If you are looking to upgrade your space for the summer season, we’ve put together this post to help you create that dreamy outdoor space to enjoy year-round meals with your family and friends.

Finalise the Layout

Having a planned layout of your outdoor space is the first step towards the transformation. Spend time planning the format, just as you would spend in planning the indoor space. Keep in mind the main reasons you will be using this area – i.e. to host a small group of people or throw a larger gathering; if you wish to cook outdoors or just sit and relax and enjoy the time, all of this needs to be considered. Keep all of these factors in mind while preparing for the project, as it will help to turn your outdoor space into a true reflection of your vision.

Create Zones

 If you have a spacious outdoor area, try to separate it into different zones. It helps define the purpose of each area of the space, instead of working on its entirety. It will give you a separate cooking area, as well as sitting areas or places to ‘chill out’. To create a focal point outdoors, you can even use pergolas which can make the space more desirable and good-looking. It will also give your guests a clearer idea of where they can sit back and relax when they need it most.

 Use Lights to Elevate the Mood

Lights and other accessories belong to the garden just as much as they belong to the house. Having the outdoor space well lit simply elevates the whole vibe of the garden or the courtyard. You can choose from different colours, shapes and styles of lights available in the market. Try to keep softer lights in the outdoor areas as people like to eat in dim lights rather than bright and harsh lights focussing on their faces while they dine or talk. You can choose from solar garden lights as a non-obstructive way to highlight the features of your new entertainment hub.

Just remember to plan the number of lights according to the sockets available.

Select the Best Decking Option

 Installing decking plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall area and making it functional. It is advised to go for timber decking as it typically lasts longer and saves money on repairs and maintenance. You can choose the type and colour of timber according to the theme of your outdoor entertaining area and even get creative by adding some LED lights on the floors. If you’re not sure what kind of design would suit your space best, our experts can help you establish the most appropriate approach.

Outdoor spaces have been a prominent feature of Australian homes across the modern age; not to mention being a hugely popular add-on when selling your property. The process of building a deck doesn’t need to be complicated either – all you need is some creative and smart planning along with a quality team to help you kickstart the process (like us!).

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