While they can look impressive, believe it or not, your decking could pose a risk to your pets if not correctly installed or cared for. On the other hand, those furry friends of ours can also threaten the integrity and finish of our beautiful deckings – no matter how cute they are (those puppy dog eyes aren’t fooling us). 

If you genuinely want to protect your deck from pets and vice-versa, without dishing out considerable costs to do so, there is always the option of personally training them to avoid the area. However, for many owners, this can be a challenge, especially if it’s a space they need to access to get to other areas of the home or yard.

Luckily, there are still some practical ways you can protect both aspects at play here, ultimately keeping you happy and your four-legged companions satisfied.

Easy ways to safeguard your decking

Firstly, protecting your deck from any potential ‘potty-related accidents’ your pet may have means it’s always recommended that you apply a sealant. If you’re having your design built professionally, this is something your chosen team (like us) will do for you. But if you’re a bit of a DIY-er, you may wish to waterproof your structure once you’ve tried your hand at the task, which provides the same benefit. A bonus of a sealant is that it lowers the chance of your pet causing damage to your deck through scratches or walking around.

Additionally, we recommend utilising an ‘anti-chew’ spray around the perimeter of your deck (double-check with your vet that it is safe for your little friend). This will hopefully deter them from chewing on corners – something puppies love to do during their everyday antics. 

Keeping your furry friend safe 

Meanwhile, high temperatures can significantly heat up any decking, especially during summertime. To minimise this danger, ensure that your space is shaded by installing a pergola, gazebo or even simply placing an umbrella around the vicinity. 

Another danger is leaving loose nails high-traffic spots; always ensure you are frequently on the lookout for them, as they can cause painful damage and injuries. For those with decks that are off the ground, it is also vital that a suitably sized railing surrounds the entire length of the deck.

And if you’re considering adding a small fire pit, barbecue or even a spa, make sure you safeguard these additions with appropriate barriers and fencing.

Finally, many outdoor spaces feature a variety of plants weaving their way around the design – like vines. Some of these may be poisonous for pets, so it pays to always do your research before opting for greenery around a pet-prone space in your house. 

If you are unsure about the best options for a pet-appropriate deck, get in touch with Addon Pergolas now.