There is nothing better than enjoying some much-needed quality time in the garden with friends and family. Addon Pergolas offers a variety of alfresco design choices to ensure you fully enjoy the potential your backyard offers, regardless of the climate.

Addon Pergolas, as one of Melbourne’s premier pergola builders, understands a thing or two turning a new pergola into an entertainer’s paradise. Our pergolas are the perfect place to start when it comes to creating an outdoor oasis. You can add your own personal touches to make it an entertainer’s dream, one you and your loved-ones will enjoy spending time in year-round.

Here are five simple ways you can make your pergola an entertainer’s paradise.

1. Make Your Garden Functional

Adding features such as a BBQ or outdoor kitchen is the ultimate way to make your background entertainment-friendly. Your outdoor kitchen can include a pantry or bar fridge for storing food and beverages. If you don’t want an outdoor kitchen, you can compensate for this by making your indoor kitchen easily accessible to your garden.

2. Accessorise Your Pergola

Installing LED lights provides alfresco capabilities any time of the day or night. Addon Pergolas also recommends installing a ceiling fan, as this will keep the air circulating and reduce the eat even more during the hotter months. Additionally, you can also make room for an outdoor heater, as they can be more than useful in the winter months.

3. Enhance Old Furniture

If you want to produce an alfresco that is comfortable and inviting, investing in new furniture is never a bad idea. Some of the choices to consider include chaise longues, wicker chairs, couches and bench-style tables. If your current furniture is still in good nick, consider adding new cushions or a stylish centrepiece for your pergola. You can even add wall art to give your pergola a creative, alfresco styling.

4. Outdoor Décor

Outdoor deco can dramatically enhance your alfresco area’s ambience. For example, you can install a feature pendant light above the central table to provide a look of brightness and comfort. If you enjoy nature, you can add flowers and potted plants to provide a natural element to your pergola. Fairy lights are a great way to provide new personality (and extra brightness) to your outdoor area.

5. Prepare the Space

Don’t wait until it’s summer to ensure everything is in working order. If you have a BBQ, you can season it to reduce the risk of rust. This ensures stress-free BBQing all summer long. Also, check for any damages or leaks that could compromise the safety of your BBQ.

Finally, ensure that all lights and other accessories are in perfect working order. You don’t want a situation where poor lighting ruins the party, so check that it is working and ready to be fully enjoyed before having friends and relatives around. Routine checkups also allow you to notice items that may need upgrading or repair.